Walls of Sauces

o you want to repaint the walls and ceilings of your new building or existing home? Because these have discolored over time or have had nicotine attack?

Re-saucing your walls or ceilings is not an easy job! On this page you can read everything about the costs and the correct way of painting and pretreatment.

The term ‘wall covering’ is understood to mean covering the walls with a matte or glossy latex paint, the purpose of which is to preserve the natural structure of the wall and to remain visible.

What does it cost to have walls painted?
Of course you can try to make your wall yourself. But why not outsource the job to a painter for a reasonable price?

A painter ensures that the sauce work is delivered perfectly without you having to worry about it. If a painter has to paint larger areas, the m 2 price will of course be lower than when whitening smaller pieces.

Walls and ceilings of sauces
Both the walls and ceilings in a living room or bathroom can be painted. Whitening walls by means of sauce work can be done in two different ways.

You can do this yourself on the basis of a fur roller or you can have this done by a recognized professional painter from the Stuc-Gigant.

Painting the walls or whitening the muren sauzen ceilings can be done using an airless paint sprayer.

The work will be done faster this way and the result will be better. Afterwards you cannot distinguish any stripes or bands, which is often the case with hand-sauce. We try to explain more about both ways here.

Sauces with the paint roller
The precautions you must take are the same as those for any other paint job. You must cover the floor well and ensure that the walls you want to sauce are free of dust and grease.

Even the walls are not very different from a standard paint job. It is of course the intention that the walls will get stripes or stripes.

How do you do this? By taking the right pre-treatments with a primer.

You cover the walls with the thinner paint by moving the roller over the walls from left to right and from top to bottom. Distribute the paint well so that you do not create strokes with the roller.

In this way you minimize the chances of stripes and jobs.

Let walls spray with latex paint
he principle of the airless paint sprayer that we use is simple but very effective. The paint used for this is exceptionally thin.

The paint is sprayed onto the walls or ceilings in two to three layers. The paint is sprayed onto your walls under a pressure of around 180 bar.

All this happens without air, hence the name of the paint sprayer. ‘Airless’ means ‘without air’. The result is a wall that looks like new with an exceptionally sleek wall finish .

Price per m 2
What are the costs for having the walls of your home sauces? The standard prices for the sauce work are in most cases calculated per m2.

If you want the walls to be painted white and this is possible in a layer, you will spend on average between 8 euros and 10 euros per m2.

If you want to have the walls painted in a color, you can count on an amount between 10 euros and 14 euros per m2. Having colors applied is often done in 2 layers and so some walls have to be taped again in order not to paint them with the color that is meant for another wall.

Request the prices for the sauce for the walls completely free of obligation and you have received the quotation in your mailbox within 2 minutes .

Sauces over wallpaper
Have you fitted your walls with wallpaper? And would you like to have it repainted? Then there is a possibility to leave your walls with wallpaper over sauces.

It is important to know that the old wallpaper is firmly attached so that it does not inflate when latex paint is applied.

Should it nevertheless happen that the old wallpaper on the walls comes loose, we advise you to immediately stop painting and still remove the wallpaper.

Different types of paint
It is important that you choose the right type of paint to renovate your home. After all, a lot is offered by hardware stores and this often makes it very difficult for consumers. We will list the most common types of paint for you:

Latex paint: The most common wall and ceiling paint is latex. You can paint clean walls and ceilings with this if you use a good brand such as Sigma, Flexa, or Sikkens.

Synthetic wall paint: This paint is an oil-bound paint that can only be diluted with white spirit. This type of paint has a very high opacity and is excellent for contaminated surfaces such as with nicotine or soot.

Vinyl latex paint: If you want to repaint your bathroom, there is no better water-resistant paint than vinyl. This type of paint is often used in wet areas such as the toilet, shower or laundry room.
Structure or smooth?

If you want your walls to be completely smooth, it is important that they are plastered smoothly. Smooth stucco is one of the most common wall and ceiling finishes of the moment.

If you choose structure on your walls, this is easy to apply by using textured paint. Structured paint has a small grain of sand through the paint that ensures that your walls or ceilings get a light form of structure.

Save on the cost of your wall sauces
Would you like to receive an exact price indication for repainting your walls in your home? Then by requesting a completely free quote you can save considerably on costs!

How do you do this? By comparing prices! Compare our offer with that of other other providers and you will see that we are very cheap!

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