The Definitive Guide to Setting up a Perfect, Functional and Beautiful Kitchen

The definitive guide to setting up a perfect, functional and beautiful kitchen

If you dream of a perfect kitchen in which you have decided every detail however small, here is a definitive guide with which to get it.

You will find everything you need to know to set up a kitchen and then there are no surprises or dislikes. What materials are best for the floor, to cover the walls, how to have perfect lighting or what type of countertop from is better to style the kitchen and not cease to be a functional space.

We also explain what to look for before buying any basic kitchen appliance because a bad decision can take its toll.

It is important that you know that a comprehensive reform of the kitchen must be carried out by professionals unless you are really very skilled with DIY. In any case, if you are going to perform a gas installation or are going to remove it if you are going to move a drain or install new electricity and water outlets, you should know that some of these facilities must be made by authorized installers. And our recommendation is that you put yourself in your hands to avoid mistakes.

What to look for to set up a kitchen
Go through this space from top to bottom and stop in every corner. From the floor, through the walls, to the highest cabinets. Without forgetting appliances or lamps. Everything counts when it comes to setting up a kitchen often.

The furniture material

The material for the kitchen furniture will define the style of this whole space. We look for resistance, durability and not get dirty easily. All this will depend on the material we choose for them. Although they are all quality and resistant, there are differences that will mark their useful life in our kitchen, in addition to the budget.

As the main natural material, we find wood and as synthetic materials, we have PVC furniture, laminates, and lacquers.

Kitchen lighting

Inside a kitchen, we can illuminate different areas using cold light and warm light, different types of light bulbs and lamps. We will need a light that helps us to cook safely but also with a certain aesthetic.

In turn, there are many kitchen lights that are tremendously functional, such as the LED strips that we can install in the lower area of ​​the high cabinets to illuminate the countertops that are under them.

The definitive guide to setting up a perfect, functional and beautiful kitchen

Or open the cabinets and drawers and see inside perfectly thanks to the automatic lights with opening sensors. There are many possibilities!

Kitchen countertops

The material that predominates in the countertops is the natural stone, be it granite, slate, quartz, etc., next to the wood but the truth is that in recent years the synthetic materials capable of imitating these natural materials have taken a lot of strength. Each has its pros and cons, in addition to significant price variations.

All materials withstand heat but some carry direct heat, scratches or clean more easily than others.

And if you want to bet on materials that are stomping, the microcement, glass or porcelain countertops are what you are looking for.

Coatings for kitchen walls

Choosing a good coating for the kitchen walls is essential. Not only because it will give a different style to the kitchen, but because we really must protect the front of the kitchen plate from splashes, stains, grease, etc. This is the wall that will suffer the most, so it needs a lining at height. And the rest of the kitchen can be of the same material or we can play with different combinations.

We will find the classic kitchen tiles that today have changed their designs and are much more casual; natural stone coverings, among which are quartz, slate or granite; The stoneware is increasingly seen on the walls because it imitates other materials.

But there are also options to cover the walls without doing work such as wallpaper, plastic paint, self-adhesive coatings, etc.

Kitchen floors

We think that the ground is not important because we are going to step on it and it will end up dirty. And probably the kitchen is the room in which he suffers most. But precisely for that reason we must pay attention to the kitchen floor and choose one that meets our needs, both aesthetic and functional.

Not all floors are cleaned the same, or resist the same, or installed so easily. And of course, its price varies greatly depending on the material and the meters.

For kitchen floors we will find natural materials such as stone or wood; the tile floors that look very much now is because they are easy to care for and also mimic other materials; the floors micro cement whose installation is very simple because it can be put on an earlier soil; Vinyl or linoleum.

Kitchen faucets

When you first face the purchase of a tap for your kitchen you will discover a large number of types there are.

The taps can be classified according to their installation (on the countertop or on the wall), according to their opening system, according to the pipe, and depending on the material with which they are made because there is a world beyond stainless steel.

In addition, we must pay attention to the accessories: an aerator or a flow regulator will help us save water.

Kitchen sinks

If there is something you are going to use every day, yes or yes in your kitchen is the sink. Either to take a glass of water, scrub the dishes or rinse a cloth. That is why there are many details that you should take care of in your choice, such as the size you have to locate it and if you need it to be very large or smaller, with or without drainer, etc.

There are also different types of sinks depending on their location: on the countertop, flush, below or skirt type.

And of course, materials are another key to a good choice. The predominant material is stainless steel but in reality, there are sinks made of natural stone, glass, and resin.

American or closed kitchen?

If you face the integral reform of the kitchen you may have thought about redistributing it and turning it into an American kitchen. You will have many questions and doubts about whether to take this step is something right or not, and the truth is that both the American kitchen and the closed kitchen have their advantages and disadvantages. Weigh all of them before making such an important decision.

Kitchen appliances
A kitchen without appliances would not be the same. You cannot miss a good extractor hood that eliminates odors and breathes in the smoke; a refrigerator to store our food and keep it perfect longer; an oven to prepare our recipes, etc.

From each of them, we have compiled the details in which you have to look to get the right choice and different models, in addition to explaining their particularities.

Extractor hood

A kitchen extractor must have the necessary power to extract the fumes, odors, vapors, and fats that are generated during cooking. So it is one of the most important kitchen appliances.

There are options that do not need to be connected to an extraction tube, but instead, use carbon filters that clean the extracted air and return it to the kitchen.

Other models are hidden from view because they are folded inside the countertop and start working when we take them out of their “hiding place”.

There are many options and all of them play with designs in materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, so it is very easy to integrate it with the rest of the kitchen decoration.

The best dishwasher

Why wash by hand if we can have a dishwasher? It will help us save time to scrub and save on water because it is consumed less than scrubbing by hand. Not to mention how comfortable it is to install it at home since we will not need to do works.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large family or if you live alone because there are also compact dishwashers that are perfect for couples or people living alone.

Buy a good fridge

This appliance is as basic in our lives as breathing. And when you have to change it because it breaks down, which is usually the main reason why we buy a new refrigerator, we face the task of choosing one that works well, for a long time and at a good price.

There are refrigerators of very different sizes, with or without frost, of different energy consumption and finishes. Details to study to hit the spot with our purchase.

Choose the best microwave

What should you look at before buying a microwave? Some keys are knowing where we are going to place it, knowing its measurements and capacity, also the material of its finishes, the power it uses, energy efficiency and knowing the use we are going to give it because on all this it will depend that we opt for a microwave with or without grill, convection or a combination.

If we want to take advantage of it in addition to the basics, which is to reheat food, you have to get the microwave utensils with which you are really going to be able to cook using this small appliance: steamers, stoneware fountains or an egg poaching are just some of the many options that exist.

How to buy an oven

There are so many types of ovens in the market that it is normal to feel lost when we want to buy a new one. Today the most normal are independent ovens, that is, those that can be installed under the hob or separately.

But in turn, there are conventional ovens, ideal for those who cook little; multifunction ovens, which allow cooking at two heights; steam ovens, in which cooking is done by steam; etc.

In addition, we must know other key points such as the opening, cleaning system, its measurements, its power, etc.

Gas hobs

If you are one of those who love cooking with gas because you notice that the taste of the food is different or you simply love to prepare it like this, a gas hob may be your perfect choice for cooking.

Some of the advantages of using a gas hob are that they have a modern look, save energy, clean easily and combine the use of gas with all the features of an electric hob.

Before making the purchase you must look at key points such as having a removable rack, temperature regulator, electronic ignition, etc.

Switch to an induction cooker

Perhaps you are considering moving to an induction hob, the kitchen that heats only the container and this is done thanks to an electromagnetic field that generates heat so that if there is no suitable induction vessel on the hob, there will be no hot.

It is a very efficient energy-efficient appliance, more than a conventional electric hob, very safe, which saves us time because it starts to heat from the first second and does it very fast.

In addition, keeping it in good condition in very easy and we know how to clean the ceramic hob so that it lasts perfect longer.

Recycle at home with recycling bins

And finally, we have to think about how we are going to recycle at home. Packaging, paper, glass, organic waste and the rest. It is not little separation, of course. But it is not a problem because there are recycling bins that do not take up too much and are the perfect solution to recycle whatever size your kitchen is.

Tips for your new kitchen
No two kitchens are the same, either because of the style we want to give, distribution, materials, appliances, etc.

But we can face some problems that are very common in many houses and that we help you solve.

Take advantage of a small kitchen

You have to take care of certain aspects to get more out of a small kitchen and that size does not matter or appreciate it.

For example, color is a great ally: light tones give more luminosity and also get a feeling of greater amplitude.

Maintaining order is another key because if the kitchen itself is already small, if we do not have it tidy it will be more crowded and the feeling of the overwhelming inside will be greater.

And the use of the whole space is fundamental. And when we say everything, it’s everything: cabinets up to the ceiling, corner drawers, recessing the microwave to clear the countertop, etc.

Ideas to renovate the kitchen without reforms

When the budget is tight but we want to give a facelift to the kitchen, we can implement these tricks to renovate the kitchen without doing works.

Painting the furniture and changing their handles will give a radical makeover. We can also use wallpaper for the walls and thus we will not have to tear off the tiles or change the lighting and lamps.

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