SEO Agencies: Why they Are so Important and How to Choose the Best


More and more companies are choosing to invest in their online presence, being fully aware of how relevant it is today to have good visibility on the network. Due to the high competition in this virtual environment, today it has become almost essential to entrust this work to an SEO agency.

What do SEO agencies do?

The main objective for which agencies specialized in SEO are hired is to make a client’s website appear on the first page of search results. Thus, customers will be more likely to access the web and reduce the chances that they end up opting for other alternatives present in the search engine.

To this end, specialists with a long history behind them put into practice a series of strategies aimed at obtaining resounding success. A sample of this is Neo Attack, the SEO agency that has managed to position more than 5,000 keywords among the first three results and clients of the likes of BBVA, Opel or Serkonten.

Being present on the first page of engines used daily by millions of Internet users, such as Google or Yahoo, means increasing the income figure of companies that decide to invest in SEO. Although for the result to be optimal in every way, it is essential to allocate the necessary time to assess all existing options as far as agencies are concerned, in order to hire the best one.


Keys to find the best specialists in web positioning

Given the need for companies to improve the current position they occupy in search engines during the last five years, hundreds of SEO agencies have emerged. In order to facilitate the choice, from Crónica Global we analyze some of the aspects to take into account when choosing the SEO agency that best positions a project effectively.


It is of vital importance that the SEO agency has experience in the sector of the company whose brand it aims to enhance. It is necessary that you have knowledge that will be of great help to define the strategies to be developed later. This also implies the need to perfectly understand the contracting client. It is of little use to understand the objectives set if you do not have a deep knowledge of the sector, a vital aspect to take into account for a correct choice.

Competition analysis

This aspect gives rise to two key factors. The first of these is summed up in having the ability to understand the actions carried out by the competition. Only in this way can it be overcome, appearing ahead of other websites in searches performed by users.

The second refers to facilitate everything to flow naturally, analyzing from the best keywords to enhance, to the analysis of the communication that the company maintains.

Orientation to results

It is very important that the client is regularly informed of the progress that is being obtained through the strategies applied. You should always be offered the possibility of making any changes if you deem appropriate.

Success stories

It is another fundamental key. Opt for an SEO agency whose clients have achieved outstanding results. If they have gone from being on residual pages to obtaining visibility in the first positions shown by Google or other engines, we will know that we are getting the decision right.

In this way, we guarantee that the company’s website becomes in the best possible hands, especially if the clients who have previously trusted the specialists have relevance at the national and international levels. This is the case of the agency, which despite its short history, has already dealt with renowned companies both inside and outside the country.

Training and adaptation

Finally, the ability to adapt to the professional team that will be in charge of the positioning of the web also becomes important. This is given not only by the modifications that clients usually want to make but also by the very nature of SEO, a sector that changes constantly in short periods of time.

To what is due? Basically, the algorithms used by search engines give way to new versions, so strategies must be changed regularly. For this reason, we must opt ​​for versatile agencies that adapt according to the circumstances of the moment.

Assessing all the keys analyzed will not be difficult at all to choose the best SEO agency, the one that provides you with the best possible results and makes the investment in web positioning translate into greater benefits, both in the short and medium-term.

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