Kim Jong Un Wants to Take “a Decisive Blow” to those Who Support the Sanctions

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took a cautious stance that the Hanoi summit was unsuccessful with US President Donald Trump and said that Pyongyang would counter the effects of international sanctions, reported the North Korean official press Thursday.

These are the first official comments of the North Korean leader on Pyongyang’s position after the lack of Nuclearization negotiations in February, partly due to Pyongyang demanding the immediate lifting of sanctions. The comments came on the eve of a meeting scheduled for Thursday in Washington between Trump and his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in.

On Wednesday, Kim urged the ruling Labor Party leadership to work even more toward “self-sufficiency” to counter the impact of sanctions imposed on Pyongyang by the United Nations because of its banned nuclear and ballistic programs.

He said that the development of the socialist economy “would be a decisive blow to the enemy forces who believe that blood-questioning eyes that sanctions can put the DPRK on the ground,” he said, citing the government’s original official. , The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, reports the official news agency KCNA.

Kim does not mention nuclear weapons or criticize Trump, according to KCNA.

Sir. Trump and Kim met for the first time in June 2018 in Singapore, where they signed a vague statement of “Korean Declaration”.In Hanoi, Kim Jong Un, driving a desperately unfruitful country, called for the lifting of sanctions, but the negotiations ended without a joint statement or even a lunch, as no denuclearisation had been agreed. measures.

This disappointment raises doubts about the future of the process. In Vietnam, the Nordic countries had explained that it wanted to lift the only sanctions against the living conditions of the North Koreans. But the United States had found that Pyongyang actually demanded the disappearance of the main sanctions without suggesting much in return.

However, both parties had expressed a desire to continue the discussions. Trump has repeatedly said he has good relations with the North Koreans, assuming he has blocked new sanctions against Pyongyang. North Korea also took care not to personally criticize the US President. But he said last month that the sanctions were “an action against humanity for the purpose of destroying modern civilization and sending society to the age of darkness.” medieval “.

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