Hair Transplant In Islamabad Useful Tips

A hair transplant currently involves bringing back hair lost as a result of baldness or alopecia; In Pakistan, specifically in the city of Islamabad, there are numerous surgeries of this type, they have the most prepared specialists and the clinics with the necessary equipment.

That is why in this opportunity we consider it pertinent to give you some tips for after carrying out a hair transplant in Islamabad.

Recommendations for recovery after a hair transplant in Islamabad

Avoid scalp contact:

It is important that you know that when you undergo a hair transplant the receptor areas (where the hair grafts were implanted) after the capillary intervention, the scalp is completely sensitive at the beginning to any contact.

So it is recommended that you avoid any sudden contact with the scalp, this means that you should not touch the hair, scratch or manipulate it in any way, as this could cause unwanted movement of the follicular units causing its loss and you would not get the results you expect.

Beware of hair washing:

Another tip you should consider after a hair transplant in Islamabad is the way you wash your hair. The water you use for the washing should be at a warm temperature, the shampoo should be applied on the hands and then on the scalp with gentle movements, always carefully; you should not press the scalp so you avoid damaging the implanted area.

After the days of healing, when the scabs have disappeared you can wash your hair with the usual shampoo and with normal movements.

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Avoid sudden movements

After the hair transplant, you should keep your head always straight. To rest it, you can do it with gentle movements and slightly raised with respect to the rest of your body. You should also be careful not to tilt it fully forward, all with the intention of avoiding any incident of bleeding in the implanted areas.

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun:

When you go out on the street you should avoid exposing yourself excessively to the sun during the first months after the hair transplant. Specialists recommend using caps or umbrellas to cover the sun.

Do not make physical efforts:

After submitting to a hair transplant surgery you should avoid doing any type of sport, exercise or physical effort during the recovery period of the scalp. This in order to avoid activities that produce sweating on the scalp.

After day 14 the follicles must be sufficiently established in their new environment, which means that you can reestablish your activities in a normal way.

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You must not consume

After you undergo hair transplant in Islamabad, it is best to avoid cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and substances that contain caffeine.

If you are taking medications, it is best to consult with the specialist before capillary transplant surgery to evaluate if it is convenient to mix the drugs.

Special care after hair transplant

For the welfare of your hair, you should not bathe in pools and beaches, because the scalp is sensitive and contains small wounds that can be contaminated by the appearance of an unknown entity or the weakening of hair grafts.

As a result of the capillary transplant is performed through small punctures the recovery is very fast.

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