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With the advancement in technology, everybody owns at least one of the most advanced smart devices, making it less time for family members to talk only by text or phone and face-to-face. So sometimes it’s awkward and uncomfortable to be with your family, so you don’t say anything. You just spend time watching TV or looking at your smartphone or mobile phone. My mother made food or did housework in the kitchen, my father watched TV silently, and my kids were talking to someone on their cell phone, especially in a family with adolescent children. Most people think it will get better over time, but if they do not have enough time together, they will have to gradually get away from anyone but their family. Nothing improves by itself. From now on, find ways to get closer to your family. Today, let’s find out how you can spend more time with your loved ones and make your home closer.

Create an open space around the kitchen

Open architecture is becoming an item loved by more and more people today. Open Floor homes revolve around modern kitchens, eliminating the thresholds of living rooms and other rooms, and making all interior spaces one common living space, so families and visitors can talk and interact together rather than just eat. It is leading the trend of the rebirth of the kitchen as a sharing space. Traditionally, the kitchen was a housewife’s own labor space, far from the social and harmony spaces such as the living room where the other family members spend their evenings or the grand marquis floor. In an open house, however, the kitchen plays a central role in the house, just like a living room. In this case, the kitchen has a kitchen-Irish-style table where the housewife can talk to the family while cooking, or even share the kitchen work with the family. Open-floor homes in one-room style are groundbreaking ideas for narrowing the distance between families while using a small space.

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Choose durable materials for your child

Children are less immune and are easily affected by viruses and bacteria. It is important for all parents to know that it is important to use materials free of environmental hormones or toxic substances for the health of their children. But another concern for families with children is that playful children can easily spoil or soil their furniture and bedding, making it impossible to use high-quality materials. Parents also get angry when their children can’t use precious and cherished items. That’s why it’s a good idea for each other to use durable, easy-to-wash and healthy home appliances from the start.

Put a quote about family love

It is the most precious family in the world, but sometimes we can’t control the feelings of the moment, we can talk to each other and have a hard time. Of course, as a family, we understand each other’s sincerity, but the painful wounds already deep in our hearts are not easily healed. Because man is not hurt very much by people who are not originally concerned. But the scars that the world’s beloved family unintentionally hurt, which seemed to be on my side at any time, are strangely not lost forever. So we need to constantly remind ourselves. How precious is the family next to us now? If we hang the words of family love in a place where everyone can see them, as in the picture, we will always keep that in mind and treat each other with care.

Bring the mood to the colorful carpet

Place a gorgeous outdoor rug in your home. Not only will its colorful colors and designs brighten your mood, but it will also make you feel as if you are interacting with nature at home. In addition, outdoor rugs are colorful, rough and sturdy, so they won’t easily get worn or worn out by children, and dirty stains aren’t noticeable. Will be

The artistic atmosphere created by books

Like a fool’s box television, it’s just stupid to look at the screen and make no thoughts or conversations. No matter how educated parents are, everyone knows how good reading is for children. However, when he is watching TV all day, he asks only children to enter the room to read or study, and they are not complied with, and even the seemingly obedient children have strong dissatisfaction with their parents’ behavior. I feel it. Just as education shows that action shows, not words, but behaviors, children will follow themselves if they first take the initiative to approach and study the book. First, get rid of the TV in your living room, read a book with your children, and discuss the book together. Photography makes the bookshelf interesting and eliminates the objectivity of the book, arranging the books so that the artistic atmosphere is felt.

Space for play

Children learn everything through play. Play is the life of children and the means of learning the world. So if you really think about children, it’s a good idea to create a play area where you can give off your children’s desire to play. The photo shows a canopy for two-needle trees. If you have such a space in the yard or living room and join the children’s play for a while, they will not recognize your mom and dad as good playmates and will not feel distanced.

Creative activity space with kids

In a world where EQ is more important than IQ. It is now a world where creative talent is recognized as the best talent. In fact, the intelligence index is almost genetically inherited, but creativity and emotional index are acquired in many ways. An obedient child who listens to the words of an adult in a routine way of thinking is no longer the talent the world wants. If my child is so different and erratic from other children, he should not try to be obedient. Your words and trivial actions may kill your child’s creativity and turn your child with extraordinary abilities into an ordinary child. Now let’s do some activities at home to get creative with the kids. When you make or play something together, you will see how brilliant the children have ideas.

Space with pets

Families without family conversations often have no topic of common conversation. If so, raise your pet. Indeed, in many families, long talk-free and awkward relationships begin to share these petty stories through pets, often regaining peace and reconciliation between families. As pets are also members of important families, it is a good idea to set aside spaces for pets and take care of the whole family and feel more sticky.

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